The Amazing Kazu

A Danser Novel


Ten year old Kazu is living an idyllic life in South America, a life shadowed by the evil Will Power, who is about to kidnap the boy. When Kazu and his parents start a trip to the United States, Will Power makes his grasp. He misses and Kazu, now alone in North America, starts out on a perilous journey to get to his parents. Not knowing who to trust, but clever and resourceful, Kazu crosses the country, catching a ride with a couple that at first seem helpful, but have dark designs. The story climaxes when the forces of evil confront the boy and his family at a wheat farm in Kansas. Lies and deceit, violence and revenge mark the actions in this engaging, sometimes even humorous tale of cruelty and good, madness and redemption.


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Available Formats: Softcover, Ebook

ISBN: 9781633381155

Published by Fulton Books

The story and characters were good, the pace was quick and the point of view movement between characters was well handled…If you enjoy fast action packed capers this is probably worth a look.


— Wilde Sky, Goodreads Reviewer



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